Advanced Engineering - Research & Development ( R & D)

At Rede we invest in many new and innovative technologies across a range of industries and alongside with our in house research and developments. Our vision toward R&D is an investment in the future of our company, industry and our employees.

While we remain committed to helping our clients by finding innovative solutions to their projects we partner with academics to speed up the pace of research and developments as we believe the improvements we make would ultimately benefit us and our clients.

We can work from the inception of an idea, through to computer modelling, and finally physical prototyping and testing.

Through testing and certification of new products and designs we mitigate our client’s risks and bring them peace of mind in using the new solutions and technologies. We are proud of providing alternate solutions which reduce costs and improve efficiencies throughout projects.We occasionally develop customised engineering software tools as standalone applications or as embedded tools within existing engineering applications.  We can also link the existing commercial softwares, on as required basis, to other customised tools to extend the capabilities of existing commercial softwares to project requirements.