To confirm that theory reflects reality we check it by high precision testing. Our engineers and technicians are trained and equipped with right testing techniques and technologies to ensure design assumptions and project objectives are met.

In order to verify a design or test the performance of structure under study accurate and reliable data shall be available. No matter how many gadgets are used for testing, one still need expert knowledge and know-how to capture and interpret critical information.

We understand the importance and value of collecting our own data. Therefore; we have invested in trainings and state of the art technology to generate faster and more accurate outcomes. All our data collection and surveys are carried out by the people who are going to use the information. This normally results in better interpretations and high quality modelling.

At Rede we provide the following Testing & Data Collection services:

  • Comprehensive bridge testing services
  • Static pile load testing services
  • Dynamic pile load testing services
  • Integrity pile testing services
  • Strength estimation of concrete elements
  • Concrete cover testing

Advanced Engineering - Monitoring & Testing

Our Specialist Engineering team have extensive practical experience with the planning, measurement, and assessment of determinative scenarios at both design and operational stages. At Rede we combine our monitoring and analysis skills with the advanced engineering knowledge in the company to develop practical and viable solutions to potential or existing problems.  We provide our clients with a comprehensive service range including:

  • Monitoring & assessment of vibrations at buildings and rail, road and pedestrian bridges
  • Monitoring & assessment of dynamic wind response of towers and bridges
  • Monitoring & assessment of differential settlements at footings or structures
  • Assessment & management of heat generation at High Performance Concrete (HPC)
  • Monitoring & assessment of pile driving operation using PDA & CAPWAP
  • Monitoring & assessment of strain and stress using Strain Gauges
  • Monitoring & assessment of loads and weights using Load Cells
  • Monitoring & assessment of cast-in concrete in piles (Thermal Integrity)​
  • Monitoring & assessment of corrosion of reinforcement in concrete structures