At Rede we offer full range of design and drafting services from conceptual stage through to fully detailed shop drawings. We can provide our clients with design of individual components and comprehensive site layouts.

Our design and drafting team members are proficient in computer aided drafting and modelling software packages. In addition, they are experienced in 3D design & detailing. We can adapt and work with our clients to reach their desired outcomes and project goals. We also offer our clients on-site draftees to work under their direction if required.

We know that the quality of drawings can have a significant effect to the cost of a project. Therefore; we maintain a high standard of drafting, ensuring all work complies with the current drafting standards.

3D modelling also provides an excellent tool to understand the project in greater detail during the pricing, approvals, and construction process. This means greater accuracy, more certainty, and less commercial risk at construction stage. Our Drafting & Detail Design services include:

  • 2D & 3D drawings (conceptual, basic, detail, and shop drawings)
  • 3D designs / modelling and colour images
  • Drawings production using client 3D models
  • Drawing numbering, control and management of drawing systems
  • Reproduction of digital files using old hard copy drawings
  • As-built drawings

Drafting & Detail Design